Engaging with current debates on privacy and consent, the project questions surveillance and facial recognition technologies through a series of speculative provocations. How would we navigate our cities differently if the surveillance-scape was visualized for all to see? What does it mean to withdraw consent from surveillance, when these very technologies form part of the modern day social contract? These issues are explored in the form of a film – where family relationships in the context of surveillance are depicted as an analogy of state power and control.

More info see: https://pr2019.aaschool.ac.uk/Lingge.Yang

Writer and Director: Lingge Yang

Tom (Adult): Tristan Beney
Tom (Child): Freddie McDonnell
Tom’s Mum: Lizzie Wofford
Pub Owner: Kim Koskinen
Student Society Leader: Ted Claxton
Student Society Member: Sonny Spearing
Pub Customer: Jan Zalabak
Extras: Maria Bessarabova, Erik Hoffmann, Jack Isles, Mark Wu, Selina Zhang, Karim Fouad-Hefny

Producer: Lingge Yang
Cinematography: Xueqi Zhang
Drone Operator: Lingge Yang
Gaffer & Assistant Camera: Sam Tang Ngai Hung, Haohang Shi, Shijie Zhang
Sound Recordist & Boom Operator: Zhenyan Li
Production Designer: Lingge Yang
Script Supervisor: Lizzie Wofford, Shijie Zhang
Assistant Director: Kasey Yuanhao Song, Vera Haotong Xue
Music Composer & Sound Mixer: Zhenyan Li
Editor: Shijie Zhang, Lingge Yang
VFX: Lingge Yang
Pianist: Zhenyan Li