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The project is to design a place for well-being in Barnsley. Considering Barnsley’s social problems of the unemployment rate, obesity record, and traditional industry decline, urban farming was chosen as an interpretation of this topic. Including vertical farms, a restaurant, a workshop, a communal space, and a market, the building performs as a community complex providing fresh food and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Located in South Yorkshire, England, Barnsley has a great and proud history of coal mining and related industries, but now it is known for its run-down town centre and low employment. The council recently planned to redevelop the now vacant town centre.

The programme is composed of three main elements of producing, consuming and decomposing, which completes a food chain within this scheme. Using a mixed symbiotic system with Hydroponics, Fungiculture, and Aquaponics, the building is proposed to achieve an ecological balance by itself.

4 Responses to “Vertical Farm”

  1. mArch

    hi I really like the project I was wondering what software you used or if you have a revit family for the hyrdroponics you have used in your model to help a fellow student much appreciated


    • linngallery

      Hi, thanks for kind words. I built the project in Vectorworks at the time and modelled the hydroponic component by myself. I don’t think it would be too trick to create equivalent family in Revit. 🙂


  2. Gowtham Arun

    I went through the whole project and I just want to thank you that, I get to know a lot of information about vertical farms. I’m currently doing my thesis on Vertical farming in architecture.


    • linngallery

      Hi Gowtham,

      I’m very glad that my design could help your thesis. Would be great to know more about your thesis if you are willing to share!




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